Game Of Life

Certain things, certain people come our way

Making demselves d part of our Life

Time flees bonding grows

Moments pass feelings flow


V laugh wid dem

V cry wid dem

V live wid dem

V love dem



Dey become the routine

Dey become the need

Dey become the necessity

Dey become the satisfaction


But life ain’t simple, Life ain’t fair.

It rolls over, n rolls unfair.

Its takes back what it gives

It takes away what is now ours.


V learn to live it

V learn to love it

But now lyf wants all opposite


It teaches what v had was an illusion

N dat it was never ours

But what v had was so true

N What v lived was so pure


Den why Life says its not ours

Why Life takes it away

Leaving us all shattered n all in vain

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The beautiful gift of God.
The one who is the heart of every family.
The one who is the reason of pride for parents.
The one who give smiles to even unknown.
The one who is a life giver.
When she steps out alone.
Why is that her life gets endangered.
Why her smile vanishes in the air.
Why she feels a threat to her freedom.
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